Wһаt’s tһe lаtest news on tһe Browns аnd Nіck Cһubb’s contrаct? - Sport News

Wһаt’s tһe lаtest news on tһe Browns аnd Nіck Cһubb’s contrаct?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Was there an update on star running back Nick Chubb’s contract when Andrew Berry spoke at the NFL annual meetings earlier this week?

That’s one of the questions our Football Insider subscribers had on Thursday’s Hey, Mary Kay! edition of the Orange and Brown Talk Podcast.

Inter Miami signs defender Marcelo Weigandt on loan from Boca Juniors

Mary Kay Cabot and Ashley Bastock discuss what Berry said about a possible re-working of Nick Chubb’s contract, his rehab over the next three months, and the makeup of the Browns’ running back room.

The two also discuss the decision for the Browns to keep four quarterbacks on their roster currently, and why that has become commonplace for them.

And what about Berry’s draft strategy? The two talk about whether they think it’s more likely for the Browns GM to trade up or trade back, and they re-assess the 2023 class.

They also talk about the Browns defense, and the decision to essentially run it back without a major new addition to the defensive line. Could that lead to some more breakdowns like we saw in 2023?

Finally, they go over some of their new favorite Cleveland spots ahead of a couple of big events in Cleveland: The Women’s Final Four and the solar eclipse.

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