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Proposed Patriots Trade Could Lead to $160 Million Quarterback, Analyst Says

Since the New England Patriots need a franchise quarterback and have major salary cap space to boot, FS1’s Nick Wright theorizes a big signing ahead.

Wright suggested that the Patriots could sign Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott in 2025 after the final year of his four-year, $160 million contract. The Cowboys and Prescott have no plans to renew his deal with the team in 2025 per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

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Since the Patriots own the No. 3 pick in the draft next month, Wright can see the team going with a trade and a “Plan B” approach to sign Prescott in 2025. Wright broke down how much money that Patriots have for next year and how a trade could lead to inking Prescott next.

“So the Patriots are on the books for $200 million in cap space next year,” Wright said during the “First Things First” show on Thursday. “So what if the Patriots … traded the pick a three particularly if Drake Maye‘s there because people want it even more because people seem to love him.”

“Say he’s traded to Minnesota for [pick] 11 and 23 and something [else],” Wright continued. “Draft a tackle there whether it’s [Joe] Alt [Tallese] Fuaga [and] draft one of the mini stud wide receivers in this class at 23 and have the ‘Plan B’ — ‘we’re going to sign Dak Prescott.’”

“He’s an unrestricted free agent,” Wright added. “What the Cowboys’ problem is and a lot of teams’ problem is, ‘wow, you’re going to have to pay him $60 million a year and it’s gotta be back-loaded because we don’t have the room.’”

“So it’s going to be like $30 million and then $65 [million] and $70 [million],” Wright continued. “We wouldn’t have to do that if we’re the Patriots. We could do the rare front-loaded deal where his first year, the cap hit is $75 million bucks if we want … and then, it goes down.”

Patriots Have More Money Than Anyone Else in 2025

Wright highlighted teams the comparable salary cap space to the Patriots for 2025 — the Detroit Lions at $136.7 million and Washington Commanders at $132.59 million. Both teams will have franchise quarterbacks going into 2025, he noted. Likewise, the next top eight teams will all have established quarterbacks at that point and half the cap space of the Patriots, Wright said.

“You’re building the team, you’re building the culture [and] the Cowboys couldn’t stop you,” Wright said regarding the Patriots’ hypothetical pursuit of Prescott. “He’s going to be available. Teams with cap space are not going to be … at the front of the line for him.”

“Could that be the Patriots’ plan? Trade down and start to build the team, install a culture, and install an older, known quantity at quarterback next season,” Wright said.

Dak Prescott a Proven Quarterback on Many Levels

A former 2016 fourth-round pick from Mississippi State, Prescott emerged as a star with the Cowboys as a rookie. Along the way, he has earned three Pro Bowl appearances and led the Cowboys to five playoff appearances.

Prescott has 29,459 yards passing and 202 touchdowns versus 74 interceptions in his career. He has a 73-41 regular season record but only a 2-5 mark in the playoffs.

Durability has also been a plus for Prescott. He played a full season every year except for 2020 and 2022 minus one missed in 2021.

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