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New York Jets Trаde Up іn NFL Drаft? An Aаron Rodgers ‘All-In’ Move

As long as Aaron Rodgers is donning a New York Jets uniform, the term “win now” could never ring more true. The 2023-24 campaign for Rodgers should’ve been his revenge tour after his unceremonious, ugly exit from the Green Bay Packers. Instead, Rodgers saw his season end in only a few plays rupturing his Achilles tendon.

Paying the price New York did to originally acquire Rodgers, which includes their 2024 second-round pick still to be collected, they immediately pivoted into an all-in window to win big with the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

With two years remaining on Rodgers’ contract, and no signs of him walking away from the game anytime soon, the Jets must hit a home run with their first-round selection at No. 10 overall. However, what if moving up in the draft is the Jets’ better plat to help out their 40-year-old signal-caller?

New York aggressively attacked their offensive line once free agency opened. Two former Baltimore Ravens in tackle Morgan Moses and guard John Simpson figure to step into immediate starting roles. Also, after being released by the Dallas Cowboys, Smith signed an incentive-ladened deal with New York to protect Rodgers’ blindside.

Entering into next season, here’s how the Jets’ starting offensive line will look protecting Rodgers: Tyron Smith, John Simpson, Joe Tippman, Alijah Vera-Tucker, Morgan Moses.

As Jets general manager Joe Douglas said earlier this week at NFL Owners Meetings in Orlando, overhauling the offensive line was a top priority.

“I think the primary objective this offseason was fortifying the offensive line,” Douglas told reporters. “I think that was goal one. I feel good about what we were able to accomplish there and a few other objectives leading into the offseason, but still a lot ahead.”

Douglas continued to gush about his new offensive line additions, making you wonder if attention will soon turn to bringing aboard another weapon for Rodgers.

“From a mental makeup standpoint, really excited about the group,” Douglas said. “We know Morgan, he’s a warrior. We will get to know Tyron as we go, but when he is on the field, he is pretty darn good and John Simpson, I mean he’s a war daddy, so we’re excited to get him in the building also.”

For months, many speculated the Jets would address protecting Rodgers at No. 10 overall, but the tables have turned much quicker in the direction of a pass-catcher. Instead, should New York try to push some chips into the middle of the table and pursue an elite wide receiver prospect to pair alongside Garrett Wilson?

The Jets’ win-now mindset honestly should push them into that direction, if teams picking ahead of them are ready to deal. The Arizona Cardinals (No. 4) and Los Angeles Chargers (No. 5) are two franchises openly saying they’re ready to take calls to trade down. Although missing a second-round pick, New York still has the necessary artillery to make a stealthy move up the board.

What about No. 10 + No. 72 + a 2025 second-round pick to get to Los Angeles? For Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort, he will want a future first in return. Would the Jets be willing to pay that price in order to secure a dynamic Marvin Harrison Jr. and Wilson combo for Rodgers? If not Harrison, many teams also believe LSU’s Malik Nabers is WR1, and his explosiveness would add an entirely new element into New York’s aerial options. Washington’s Rome Odunze is another prospect who is pegged to go right within the 6-10 range. If the former Washington Husky’s versatile route-running ability catches their fancy, the price to move up potentially won’t be as much compared to Harrison and Nabers.

Even with Mike Williams signed, his checkered injury past has made him unreliable for New York. If anything, his role might be to be the WR2 short-term until their top pick is ready to assume the position behind Wilson.

If the Jets decide to stick-and-pick at No. 10, the most realistic draft strategy of them all right now leans towards Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. Imagining Bowers’ field-stretching ability and Swiss army-type versatility for Rodgers to utilize would produce instant-impact results. Viewed as a generational prospect by many for his position, Bowers would be able to hit the ground running as a key cog to New York’s offense for 2024 and beyond — really the Rodgers era and whatever happens next.

The Jets pulling off a franchise-altering trade for Rodgers last year has put them in a position to cash in on short-term results and long-term gain. Drafting a weapon, and trading up from No. 10 to do so, appears to be New York’s best bet to make the significant jump they so desire with a healthy Rodgers back under center.

If one of Harrison, Nabers, Odunze or Bowers is wearing a Jets hat on draft night in Detroit, Michigan, that’s a very successful night for the organization.

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