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Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy Teases Possible Free Agency Signings

The Dallas Cowboys have had a relatively quiet start to the offseason, but more free agency moves could be on the way. Based on head coach Mike McCarthy’s comments, the timeline just doesn’t call for more free agency signings right now.

In a March 25 interview with ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, McCarthy spoke on the team’s approach. The coach stated that he is confident in the roster as is. But McCarthy also said Dallas is not in the market “right now” but hinted that there is plenty of time and potential additions in the market.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy says fine for workout violations was 'healthy  experience to learn from'

“I’m a big believer in the second to third-year jump, you know we have some young players, we got some guys coming back off of IR that are young players that we’re excited about, so we are definitely improving,” McCarthy said. “We’re just not part of the free agent market right now… Also there’s a lot left. You’ll probably have a market right before the draft or post-draft, and then you got your June 1 market and obviously we’ll have another draft class.”

There’s obviously nothing specific or concrete about McCarthy’s comments. But Cowboys fans still hungry for free agency signings can at least draw hope that the team will make moves later in 2024.

Jerry Jones Speaks on Potential CeeDee Lamb Trade
Those same Dallas fans that want more reinforcements likely don’t want players like wide receiver CeeDee Lamb leaving the team. While that appears highly unlikely, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did stir the pot with recent comments on a potential trade.

“He’s out there and he’s more valuable than anybody else,” Jones said on March 26. “But that valuable, to have to give up four or five players to have him, you have to get that reconciled. That’s what I’m trying to say. It’s a lot quicker and easier said than done.”

The point of the comment is supposed to be that a trade like that doesn’t just materialize quickly. However, just talking about trading away a player like Lamb, all while reports that the team and QB Dak Prescott couldn’t reach a contract agreement, feels tone deaf.

Cowboys Could Add Veteran RB
On March 26, Dallas Morning News reporter Michael Gehlken dropped an article that stated that free agent RB Dalvin Cook and former Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott are potentially interested in signing with Dallas.

That shouldn’t be shocking to anyone following the Cowboys over the past couple of years. However, it is a sign that a move could still be made to replace Tony Pollard with an established veteran.

“While they declined to comment, anyone contemplating the Cowboys’ direction at the position would be wise to monitor the veteran running backs in conjunction with a rookie pick,” Gehlken wrote. “Multiple people familiar with the players’ thinking told The News the veterans have interest in potentially signing with Dallas.”

Neither player is in their prime at this point, but they both have their own appeal. Elliott knows the organization and McCarthy well. Meanwhile, Cook is a four-time Pro Bowler with four different 1000-yard seasons.

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